Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Pass

Well, boys and girls, it's Valentine's Day.
It's the day when boys and girls fret over whether or not they got chocolate...or flowers...or whatever.
Why does it have to be only one day a year? I'm not bitter, folks, I just don't like how much the day has become commercialized. The price of a bouquet of roses goes up by almost 40% this time of year. Sure, it's supply and demand, but it's kind of frustrating.
My wife and I made a deal this year: We wouldn't get anything for each other, and we wouldn't do anything. Why? We're both very busy. I'm not even sure when she's getting home tonight.
Did I listen? No. Now I was unable to sneak flowers into her office like previous years, but I did get her a gift: an 80 minute massage at
Litespa. (Am I afraid she's going to see this? No. She doesn't read the ole blog.) She needs it, so it becomes a great gift. Did I buy chocolates or flowers? No.
And yet, my students are convinced I am bitter. Why? Well I didn't wear red today (I wore brown. It's what was clean), I didn't give out any valentines (Are teachers supposed to do that?), and I made fun of a simile given to one of the students (It read: "Your eyes are like chocolate. I want to dive in and eat them." That would be cannibalism, boys and girls).
So, I'm done for the day. I have a test to write and sets to design....Oh and I'm still waiting for Steve to send me some pictures....I'm going to burn for that one.
May you have a fantastic Valentine's Day regardless of your marital or dating status.


retroavocado said...

I think, had a teacher ever given me a Valentine, I mighta been a little eeked.
And a massage! Nice! I got grafitti. Happy VD to me! (Did I spell that right?)

Voix said...

I got myself a massage on Monday night. It kept me in a decent mood all day yesterday.

cat said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you & the Mrs. Leab! I think the massage was GREAT to get for her, and I have to agree with retroavocado I would be weirded out if a teacher ever gave me a Valentine... And there is NO reason you have to wear red. I do not think you are bitter. One of the sweetest most loving people I know wore black today, but brought in Valentine's cookies for everyone at work. So that is that. You are just sick of how commercialized Valentine's Day has become, as am I. Also I do not need a special day to tell my loved ones how much I love them, I tell them every time I talk to them! But that is just me. So, anyways, have a great day. Hang in there Leab. Sometimes the rapids seem pretty rough, but just remember there are smoother waters somewhere ahead.

Anonymous said...

happy v-day leabo
and thanks for picking up my waterbottle for me. :)