Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cop Sense

This, according to the cop I talked to on Tuesday, is illegal. "While they can request it, it would be impossible to enforce it," he told me. "What if, during the course of our shift, we get called into a car chase? We can't very well be writing fifty violations if we're part of a chase. We have other paper work then. Sure, we're on for twelve hours at a time, but expecting us to write out every single jaywalking ticket is ridiculous."
Now what's happening in
North Carolina, according to the cop I spoke to, is illegal. "How do you know if the cop is writing you a ticket because you were really were speeding or if he just wanted that certificate?"
I also learned a few more things that might be helpful from the cops who came to the National Night Out party:
1. Always go to court. "If you show up, you have a better than 50% chance of winning."
2. Be polite. "Never call us, 'Sir,' or, 'Ma'am.' It should always be officer. And be polite. You anger us, you can forget the warning."
3. Don't lie and don't conceal. "You know you were speeding. Just be honest. Say, 'I was speeding. I know it was wrong. Is there any way I can get a warning.' If you're that polite and haven't been doing that alot (meaning many tickets) we'll probably give you a warning."
4. Always pull over to the right. "I can't tell you how many times I've been afraid for my life because people pull over on the median. You do that, I will write you a ticket everytime. Go the right shoulder."
5. Don't be a smart ass. "I had a guy ask me about the calibration of my radar gun. Most of us have that information now. When you prove we made a mistake, more often than not, we'll find something else. The guy who asked me? He had expired tags. Instead of a speeding ticket, he got TWO expired tag tickets (one for each plate)."
6. It's rare you'll get out of it. "Even if your spouse is at the hospital, even if you're late to work or an appointment, and even if your a cop, it's really very rare that you won't get a ticket. And sorry ladies, crying, talking in a different language, and pulling your top down don't make us change out minds.
Hopefully these tips will be helpful.

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Dennis said...

So far, the only ticket I have been stuck with was because I was doing 35 in a 25, He was going to get me for passing on a single lane, but I pointed out to him that the lane turned into 2 lanes at the point I did it and the 2 cars ahead of me did the same thing and were going faster, thus came the...well you were doing the whole 25 in a 35 deal and well, long story short, I got my moneys worth.