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Ramblings for the Evening (08/02/06)

Another day, another sunrise and sunset. At this point, I'll take it.
Let's get to it.
So, without further ado: WAIT....YOU'RE A COP? UHHHH...RUN!
National Night (Rained) Out:
So the Grimes/Halifax National Night Out party did occur last night, even though we had a ton of rain pouring down upon us. Did everyone on the two streets show up? Oh, not even close. We did, however, get a good turn out (45 houses invited, 22 showed up), and the people who did come were nice for the most part.
Here's the rundown:
Gordy: He is a retired middle school teacher who left his house for the first time since his wife died (many neighbors remarked that I must have been, "incredibly persuasive," in order to get him out). He had a great time and was smiling, laughing, and cracking jokes.
Heidi and Mike: The people closest to our age on the block. They were very nice, though a little odd. She's a psychologist about to have a child (which is SOOOO not a good idea. Psychologists end up performing experiments on their children, whether they mean to or not). Mike worked a tech job and was kind of a tech guy (ok, a little nerdy, but very nice). We gave them a crash course in how to hold a baby (Mike almost dropped the Poozer, which did make me nervous).
The Powells: This was nice, but odd. Senor Powell is a nice guy...but he's kind of a salesman. A great deal of glad handing and schmoozing. Mr. P was very good friends with the two bastards who made me change the outlook of my yard (a story for another time). His daughter, however, was getting a little too "Lolita" with some of the older men.
Joe and Missy: Thank God they showed up. They have the only two car garage in the neighborhood, so, when the downpour started, we grabbed my grill and went over to continue the party in their garage. They were awesome.
Bob and Carollee: They have lived in the neighborhood since it was built in the 1950s. It was great to hear how the neighborhood had changed.
Other "fun" moments (some good, some not).
The police came and we discussed what's happening with the St. Paul cops (How they have to write all those tickets now). One officer said, "What they said they have to do is illegal." Yikes.
A fire truck came and partied with us for awhile. Nice guys, but the women were drooling by the time they left.
Garry, a contractor, yelled at me for ten minutes about the fact that I painted my house instead of getting new siding. When I explained that I couldn't afford $15,000 right now, he started saying that, "It's a necessary investment."
"Yeah," I replied, "But to be an investment, you have to HAVE the money."
It got better when later in the night he started throwing a kid's rubber ball (you know, the pink ball) against the side of my house saying, "Wow, now you NEED new siding."
Unlike many people around the metro (or so the cops told us) we did not stop partying because of the rain.
Hopefully you got a good party and didn't have any real issues. (Our worst moment came when a guy ignored the barriers put up and tried to drive through the street almost running over five people.)
The only other downside? As one neighbor put it, "You guys are so good at throwing parties, you're going to plan them all." D'oh.
MTV Goes Silver:
So MTV is 25. That's great, except that the network honchos announced that there will be less M in the coming future. That's right. The station that started out by playing music videos...will be doing less of that. Instead they will point music lovers to the Internet and show more of their lame-ass reality shows. That's right: MORE of The Hills. MORE of The Real World (which is SUCH a misnomer. There's nothing real about it. Put those kids out on the street with $50. THAT would be the real world).
The name of the station has to be changed if they stop showing music. And no, Making the Band doesn't count as music. If music videos are completely dropped out of MTV's rotation, the name must change to something else. I'll let you come up with your own ideas for the name.
Queer Eye Poked:
Ok, bad title. Yes, the three year old show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, has been canceled. Could it be that all men have become, not unlike my cousin, metrosexual? I mean he goes to the spa every two weeks to get his nails done.
Could it be because the new "in" thing is retrosexuality (men being very manly men with rough beards and bad smells)?
I don't know.
This does, however, illustrate how short the attention span of the viewing public has become. I am amazed, for example, that shows like 24 have made it to the sixth season.
Look at Gunsmoke. The show was on for twenty years (1955-1975). You will never see that again. Sure, The Simpsons are close, but they're ratings are dropping as people have started to see them as "uncool" when placed against Family Guy.
Look at the modern, popular shows.
Lost: Won't make it past season 4. The audience won't have the patience.
24: I think this might be it's last season, regardless of the contracts. It's predictable now.
ER: If you still watch it, raise your hand...anyone...anyone?
I think Ricky Gervais has it right. The longer a show goes on, the harder it becomes to make it fresh and to keep it fun.
I admit I watched Queer Eye during the first season, because it was so different. Its popularity has been moved to Project Runway, which maybe has one more season in it. Just one. Back to the point, the Fab Five had some interesting points when they weren't making catty comments about the guys they re-made.
Of course every single one of those guys will continue to have a great career. How can they not? They're beloved by Hollywood's elite.
And finally:
Jason DeRusha's Evil Twin:

There is a gentleman on ESPN that is DeRusha's evil twin. Looks like him, sounds like him, and has the same hair. It's creepy.
Check it out. He's on NFL Live tonight at 11:40 PM.
(Update: The guy's name is Dave Revsine. He doesn't look like DeRusha in the photo, but on NFL Live, he's got the hair, eyes, and chin. Same inflections as well. It really is creepy.)

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