Friday, August 04, 2006

Peace Be Unto Me

So my last post was a little...much. What can I say, I'm tired. I'm an insomniac with a child. Edgy is my new calm.
Anyway here is a photo my wife took of Little Leab on the day he turned six weeks old.
I have to remember that my anger can affect someone other than myself.
He is my reason to be calm.
Hopefully you can enjoy him as much I do.
And yes, Margaret is right: I need to just get a flickr account.
Oh, and one more thing. So if you haven't been listening to Gnarls should. It's fun stuff, especially for the summer.
here is a mash-up of four great songs:
1. Supertramp, Logic Song
2. Gnarls Barkley, Crazy
3. The Who, Go to the Mirror Boy
4. Rockwell, Somebody's Watching.
It sounds like an incredibly odd mix, but it workds really well. The author of the mash-up,
Arty Fufkin, has done some incredible work.
Go check it out. Enjoy the music. It's going to be part of my workout now.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, music, Leab. Play it all day long. All kinds. When he's awake; when he's asleep. Keep it comin'. It also helps beat boredom, and, face it, very little kids are bored.