Wednesday, May 11, 2005

(Not Really) Feeling Minnesota [Part V: The Future]

I figured I would add one or two last tidbits to this series. Especially after some of the comments I heard yesterday from co-workers (Minnesotans all of them), and some opinions I heard on the radio. At the same time, someone asked me about my future here in Minnesota. So, I figured that the only way to conclude this three part series in five parts (thanks Douglas Adams!) is by finishing with a Springer-like final thought:
I want to make it clear to anyone that reads this that there is more that I like about Minnesota than I dislike. Higher education standards, cleaner environment, no taxes on the essentials. It's unfortunate that the aspects of Minnesota that bother me mostly stem from its population. Over the course of 24 hours, I have heard more anger about people who are not from the Land of 10,000 Lakes. While Minnesotans are tolerant of foreigners (this can be seen by that fact that Minnesota was one of the first states willing to take in the Hmong population who had been displaced after the Vietnam War), many of the residents truly feel that the borders of Minnesota need to be closed on all sides. Recently, a cop was shot and killed by two men from Illinois. Beyond the grief, many Minnesota pundits and residents responded by saying that only those people related to someone born in Minnesota or from Minnesota should be allowed to live here. Think about that for a minute. If your family ain't from here, stay out. One person on a popular radio show went as far as saying that we need our own version of the Minutemen. What? We should have Minnesotans stand on the border and shoot anyone who tries to get in without the proper credentials? That's insane. That's the biggest problem. Minnesotans are like a giant WASP family: Don't show your emotions and keep to your own.
Still, this state and its residents are much better than some of the other options out there. So, what will my wife and I do? Well, the plan is to move in the next few years (five or six probably) to the East Coast. Surprisingly, it was my wife's idea, not mine. She loves the Northeast. I think its great. It's now rare that people stay in the same place for long periods of time. When we moved here, it was the right decision. When the time comes to move again, I will miss Minnesota. I've made some generalizations about the population as a whole, and to be fair not everyone uses "Minnesota Nice" as a weapon. But, as a whole, a large amount of the population around the Twin Cities that are originally from here do not like those of us who have moved here. It's unfortunate, because you never know what kind of person you're passing up.


Ross (Me)lanson said...

I grew up near Minnesota and I agree with your general assessment.

Boozhoo said...

please don't leave :( Minnesota likes you.