Monday, August 29, 2005

A Bullet-Ridden Knight

So Marion "Suge" Knight got shot. Is anybody surprised? The Game, a noted hip-hop rapper (and member of the G-Unit, I believe), said, "the shooting devestated hip-hop culture. It's real tragic, and I wish him (Knight) the very best." Knight has spent time in jail for, well, bad deeds as it were, Tupac and Biggie have been killed (or so we're supposed to think), and "Street Life" is still glorified. My favorite thing, however, is that 50-Cent, who has a film coming out about his "thug life", said, "People have to change." Hey, that's all well and good, and I agree with Mr. Jackson, but then how can the culture change when most of the songs deal with pimping, killing, stealing, or women? I like hip-hop. I listen to Outkast (even before they were super popular), De La Soul, Fugees, and more. Yet, it takes the shooting of a record producer for them to think about change? Forget that the people buying their albums may be shooting each other. Who cares about the consumer? Heck, when two of the biggest stars died, did it stop then? No. In fact Diddy (then Puff Daddy) rewrote a great song by the Police for Biggie, while others did Tupac tributes.
I just find it sad that people will say, "This must change," but they will never make the effort to fix it. Not while it can make money. Kids want to be pimps and gangstas, because that's what's "cool" now (or poppin or whatever you want to say). As long as someone pays for the CDs and goes to the concerts, they don't care if a person here or there dies.

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Admin Worm said...

I was going to blog about that, too. It's just disgraceful. How many millions must a person make before they develop some class?