Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Randomly Overheard

Before I tell you about the most random conversation I heard tonight at Alleygators, I want to make two announcements:
1. Welcome to my new reader only known as Suzie. We're glad to have you and hope to see you around more often.
2. AFFL. I'm stumped. How about some more clues?
(Warning: The following conversation contains profanity. Get over it...no suing either.)
So tonight, while my wife was playing volleyball, I was reading and listening to the people around me. Two girls at the next table had, what had to be, the conversation of the night. Here's how it went:
Girl 1: It's just so hard to date now.
Girl 2: I know! It's like he was making fun of me just because I don't like single guys.
Girl 1: Seriously?
Girl 2: Yeah! Ken was the first single guy I have ever dated....And you know what? I don't like it.
Girl 1: You don't?
Girl 2: No, I really like the married guys better because they pay more attention and give more stuff.
(At this point, I have almost spit my drink out.)
Girl 1: Really? I've never been with a married guy.
Girl 2: It's SO much better. You get the attention you deserve. I don't think I'll ever date a single guy ever again. They're not as predictable. Married guys are EASY. They have to bring gifts and stuff. It's great. If they start to fuck up, you can threaten to talk to the wife. It's great.
Girl 1: I've never done it, but maybe I should. It sounds great.
Girl 2: (muffled name) gave me that new TV. He also helped me get the car.
Girl 1: Seriously?! Damn! I HAVE to try that.
At this point my wife's team is finished and returns, so I can't hear the rest of the conversation.
Does anyone else see a problem with this conversation? Is it just me? I don't think I'm a prude but that conversation really bothered me. She's proud of dating married guys....That's so crazy. I can be very understanding, but choosing to go after married men because of the gifts they give is super shallow...at least in my opinion.


Meridita said...

Um! *raises hand* Bothered!!!

Admin Worm said...

Have you read the "Wild Side" ads in City Pages? Yes, I read it for strictly prurient purposes. It fuels my "We're doomed" mentality.

Anyway, the Women Seeking Men ads are invariably young, attractive, surgically-enhanced women seeking married, well-to-do, discreet gentlemen to "pamper me."

Gold-digging is alive and well, and there's no shortage of horrible men who can have it all, but still need some greedy slut to feed their fragile ego.

Suzie said...

Thanks for the "Welcome"! I'm enjoying your site.

And yes, that was a very disturbing conversation.