Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I gave up folks. I went back over all of my posts and erased ALL THE SPAM COMMENTS. Do you know how many I had? 39. 39!!!! OY VEY!
So, though I tried so hard to be optimistic (which is tough for me), I gave up. I have attached word verification to my comment section.
Sorry that you have to do extra work now, but it was necessary.


Meridita said...

Dude! You're on a roll taday!!

And I decided to put up the word verification thing-y as wellohwell. : )

Admin Worm said...

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Leab said...

Oh how I hate that balding, pasty face...

Admin Worm said...

Easy, leab...that's really me.

Goddamned Glamour Shots.

Leab said...

You? Since when do you live in 1985?