Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Two Gays and a Jew Walk into City Hall...

(Before you question the title, read the blog.)
If you have been reading my blog since I began, then you know that the man on the left is my father. Yes, we (in my family) talk about how he is probably a secret agent for the American government (I mean the man is friends with spies, for cripes sake!), a brilliant professor, a caring father and husband, and, though I haven't mentioned this before, a pretty gruff Republican.
Though he looks pretty harmless, this not-so-mild mannered history professor was the former treasurer of the Republican Town Committee. He's also a high church Jew. What's that you ask? Well, my father is a pretty good with his faith, but there are no real synagogues near where they live now. So, he goes to the Episcopal church with my mother. As everyone else around him prays and follows the sermon, he reads the Bible. "It's chockful of sex, violence, and more," he's always told me. But that's not the point. Now, this is a man who I still look up to, even though he talks about how slavery could be returned (though not with a race aspect, more of a class aspect....Long story). So, what is about to happen is, to me, quite amazing.
My father is a Justice of the Peace. He ran unopposed in the town where my parents now live. (A small town called Washington which is just inside Connecticut.) As a Justice of the Peace, he can notorize documents (oh the power!), and he can marry people. You'll recall he and his wife were married in a civil union at city hall instead of at a wedding. Well, this man, a gruff Republican as it were, is going to be performing one of Connecticut's first gay civil unions. That's right: he's marrying two guys. Now, whatever you think of gay marriage, I am proud of my father. He is going against something he believes and is doing this act for a friend. Connecticut put this act of civil unions in effect only a few days ago, yet he has already been asked to do this. Is he worried? Actually yes. He's worried that he will become known as the gay-marrying JOP (or Justice of the Peace). I still think that he should get an Elvis, put in a drive-thru, and marry people Vegas-style. I'm proud of my father, because he is able to do something that many Americans cannot do presently: He is able to put aside feelings and do things with people who disagree with his views. He doesn't sit there and say, "You either think my way, or I'm outta here." Nope. He is one of the only Jews at Seton Hall University (a Catholic university), so he is able to do this. Perhaps we could all learn a lesson from him.
Then again what do I know? I voted for a guy with the last name "Hooker" for the Robbinsdale School Board, because I wanted to tell people, "I put a Hooker on the school board," and watch their reactions. I could be wrong.

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Voix said...

We should call your dad "Judge Awesome"

That is a very cool story.

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