Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ramblings for the Evening (10/11/05)

It's a funny thing. My wife is in and out of town almost all the time now. She came back from Boston, then we went to Detroit, now she's in Boston again. I'm starting to feel like Kim Jong Il in Team America. So without further ado: "I'm so ronrey...so ronrey." (If you've seen the film, you get it. No, it's not racist.)
I've been thinking alot about monkeys lately. First, there was an escaped monkey in Detroit. Then I read
Worm's post about Infinite Monkeys (Having seen that some scientist tried to see if monkeys with typewriters can make sense, I'm just more depressed about it. Bye and bye, the monkeys just pooped on the typewriters). Then my wife and I reminisced about the last time we went to the zoo. We decided to go to the Como Zoo. Yes, I know that zoos can be cruel and unusual punishment for animals, but they also allow children and adults to see animals up close that they may not see otherwise. Anywho, we headed to see the monkeys. Now, when we were living in Missouri (during college) we saw monkeys that actually flung their poop at people. It wasn't us, so it was funny (which is the crux of life, folks). These monkeys couldn't do that (there was glass in-between us), but while my wife and I were standing there, one of the monkeys (and I believe it was a Debrazza Monkey) was following my wife and kept trying to get her attention. It talking at her and following her where she walked. Now, being the good person that she is, Mrs. Leab stepped up to the glass and gave the monkey some nice comments ("How cute, etc"). Well, Mr. Monkey sure liked that, as he stood up and started pleasing himself. Yup, Monkey Masturbation. Anyone who needs proof that monkeys and man share a history, there it is.
So, we're laughing very hard, a older woman near us is making the Minnesota "Oooh" noise, and some parents are trying to rush their children out of there. The kids, at the same time, are asking, "What's he doing, daddy?"
To this day, I love that monkey.
I haven't heard from Michele in forever. I'm kinda sad. Really.
Angry Alien:
If you're a regular reader of this little ole blog, then you know I love random websites that are amusing.
This here website is quite funny. In essence, the author took famous movies, cut them down to 30 seconds...and added bunnies. Seriously. Check it out. Then, when you're done, go check out Happy Tree Friends, which I've pimped in a previous post. Deliciously disgusting and quite funny.
And finally....
Death of the Smurfs:
Though quite a horrific looking scene, there's something kind of...funny about the idea that the Smurfs being ravaged by war. This picture comes from a UNICEF campaign on Belgian TV to teach kids that war can happen in even the most innocent places. Smurfette dies (meaning the village probably won't be creating any...new Smurfs for a while) and other Smurfs lose limbs. Now, why the Smurfs in Belgium? Well, The Smurfs were created by a Belgian artist named Peyo, so UNICEF figured that the national creation might speak to Belgians more than celebrities. (Quick, name three Belgian celebrities....) So, here are your questions class:
1. If you were going to use cartoon characters to illustrate a point about a social or political problem, who do you use and why? Now, some rules. You may not use Scooby-Doo and Shaggy for anti-Marijuana ads. That's just too easy. Notice I only said Marijuana.... Secondly, nothing too horrible. What's too horrible? Well, that's in the eye of the beholder...wink...wink.
2. Is this ad campaign going to work at all?
3. Could a campaign like this work here in America?
Send me your answers either using the comments section or to my email (see any Mail Monday, such as
yesterday's to get it).
Have a good evening folks.


Admin Worm said...

The Como Zoo makes me want to commit suicide. I want to slip a cyanide capsule to the animals and say "Do what you need to do." The polar bear makes me want to weep.

A monkey pooped on my keyboard and it wound up as my latest post.

Admin Worm said...

P.S. Michelle e-mails me all the time, not sure why she doesn't like you anymore.

Leab said...

That's because you're special. Yup, special definitely covers it.

Admin Worm said...


Boozhoo said...

you love the Minnesotans say "oooh"..."ooooh fer cute"..."oooh hot dish".