Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Definition of Ironic: Holiday Edition

It's Holiday time. Sure, there people out there who are arguing the virtues of "Happy Holidays" versus "Merry Christmas". At the same time, there is a fight going on among those who believe that Christ is being taken out of Christmas versus those who want to see all religions fairly represented.
This post is not here to argue that stuff.
No, this is about the tree that you see to your right. This is about the ultimate irony this holiday.
Urban Outfitters (a pretty trendy store) is selling the "Charlie Brown Pathetic Christmas Tree" you see on the right. It's ONLY twenty-four dollars (excuse me while I wipe the sarcasm off my screen...).
Now, if anyone has ever seen the A Charlie Brown Christmas special, you know that CB (and thus by association Charles Schulz) feels that Christmas is too commercialized. He then spends the rest of the time searching for Christmas' meaning. In the special, Linus ends up giving Charlie Brown a reading from the Book of Luke about the birth of Jesus.
Now here's the thing about the special that not alot of people know. I call it the original irony.
At one point in the special, Linus (or Charlie Brown, sources disagree) crashed into a sign advertising Coca-Cola after being tossed by Snoopy. (Current versions never show where Linus lands.) The closing carol originally included the complete verse (instead of fading out) with a final on-screen "Merry Christmas from your local bottler of Coca-Cola" right after the United Feature Syndicate credit at the end.
That's right. A special where the main character decries commercialism was itself overly commerical.

Now, to the ultimate irony.
Charlie Brown decides to buy the "pathetic" tree instead of a "brilliant aluminum one." Why? Because those aluminum trees are too commercial (and they're pink and blue and such).
So, here's Urban Outfitters creating a commerical trend out of a special that was against commercialism. Deeeeelicious irony.
The tree? It's already on backorder (ALOT of people have ordered it).


Admin Worm said...

I find it hard to fault the Charlie Brown Christmas special for anything, since it's the one time per year I allow myself to shed a tear over something as stupid as a television show.

Leab, by this time next week I will have completed finals and will have all the time in the world to write. I hope to rival your words-per-day.

Leab said...

I'm not against the special (though I do find the whole Coca-Cola thing funny).
No, I just think it's totally ironic that the centerpiece of a show about anti-commercialism has become a commericial piece.
That's all.
Good luck with finals. I know your dread.

Admin Worm said...

Cannot wait 'til this time next week, my man. Time to relax.

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to funny?
Leab, you suck!
Why do you bother writing?