Friday, December 09, 2005

Posted Schedule

It's the weekend.
I'm tired.
I decided that with my workload about to grow substantially next semester, I should set up a schedule for this little blog.
Mondays - Mail Mondays (as long as mail or comments keep coming)
Tuesdays - Ramblings
Wednesdays - Free write (such as "Story Time with Uncle Leab," Ramblings, or etc.
Thursdays - Slander a la Leab (until Slanderous returns...if Slanderous returns)
Fridays - Ramblings

Hopefully you enjoy/find interesting/ just read the post about my former drinking and my take on AA.
Hope you have a nice weekend,

1 comment:

Admin Worm said...

That's funny, Leab. I was considering setting a schedule for myself too. Otherwise, it gets too overwhelming.

Good luck.