Monday, October 31, 2005

Finding Ways to Relax

Ok, so even though the Rollins story was funny (at least to me), I'm still kinda pissed. At what? Life, the fact that people don't realize when a joke is a joke (right, Worm?), ungrateful people. Still, I don't want to be so angry, so I look at these two pretty boys.
I know I've mentioned it before, but I have three cats. The one on the left is the most evil cat ever. The one on the right...well he wants to be human. He tries to use a fork and knife. What cat does that? Still, they make me laugh. My third cat (the black cat) is camera shy. Plus, a few years ago, someone tried to steal him from me on Halloween. I'm not kidding.
So let's break it down...then I relax with my boys.
Life: You know, the entire month of October was terrible. I really don't like my Birthday, for one thing, and I'm really frustrated with my health, my wife's health, and more. Someone asked me once, "If God hates you, what do you do?" Normally I would answer, "God doesn't hate you. He's not out to make it personal. Seriously." Now, however, I'm starting to think, "Hate him back," might be the right answer. Oh I know, I still believe God is not a cosmic bellboy, and I believe I'm not part of some master plan, but some days...some days.
Jokes: People cannot take a joke. We take life so damn seriously nowadays. I drop a joke about God, people flip out. I make a joke about women, I MUST be a misogynist. For the love of Mike, people, it's called a SENSE OF HUMOR! What's next? No jokes about penguins, it's insensitive. Hell, I call one of my students "Flock of Seagulls" because of his hair. He doesn't really get it, but he laughs. So do his parents, but they get it. Now I'll get some comment about how I'm hurting this boy. Ugh.
Ungrateful People: I'm starting to think helping people is a bad idea. I gave up my day to help some of my students with their problems and with the show that opens on Thursday. I got 1 thank you from a student who needed a laugh. The rest? Nothing. I helped my neighbors move an air myself. Did I get a thanks? NO! It's not that hard. Just say, "Hey, thanks."
And if I help you and give up my time, don't lecture me about the work I'm doing. You're just damn lucky I care.
That's it. I'm going to go hug my cats and figure out how to relax. Here's the third one, he just walked in:


Butch said...

Have you ever herd the saying "no good deed goes unpunished" Intresting thoughts about God. I usally don't talk about God to strangers its a very helpful rule I have. In the world of blog I can talk about anything I want. but this isn't my blogaverse this is yours Hence no more comments. I wish you well with the thanks stuff your not alone.

Time of Angels said...

Well if you work on the christo-judaic principle that god made all things, then he obviously made jokes as well.
Love the black & white cat photo, very angelic

Leab said...

Butch: I get what you're saying, and you can feel free to comment here with whatever you want. Believe me, others have been...not happy (putting it mildly) for some of my comments.
TOA: Thanks. I'm not as good a photographer as Meridita, but I thank you for the compliment.
Side question: If God created all things, then did he invent rape?
Not trying to be an ass, but rather ask an intellectual question.

Jason said...

I want to thank you... for mentioning me two posts ago. My "thank you" pet peeve is people in traffic who refuse to give you the courtesy wave. How hard is it to wave when I stop traffic to let you in? A simple wave? That's all I ask.

And as a reporter, I know all-to-well that most people can't handle jokes. I got e-mails from people who were furious when I "attacked" Prince for wearing high-heel shoes. How dare I pick on a local celebrity? Bizarre.

faith said...

I agree 1000% on people not being able to take a joke. I still laugh at a lot of things that others just get offended by. I have asked many people this, it is a joke, can't you take a joke? And they usually respond with something along the lines of, that was not a joke, or no one's laughing (then I point out I am and they shut up or walk away). LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!!!

Also manners as a whole have gone in the toilet, but I have a little hope today out of the 90-100 trick or treaters we had last night, a least (I would guess of course I was not counting)85% said thank you when we gave them the candy. So, that was a nicely refreshing change! Gave me a little hope...

Also amazing what our Kitty's can do to help our moods. Thanks for your insite on everything!

Leab said...

1. No problem. I mean it when I say you're a good guy. I'd like to see some of your co-workers in those boots. Alas, they don't have the humor methinks.
2. I agree 100% about hand-waving. Especially in this state where merging is...dicey.
3. People sent nastygrams about the boots? Sigh. On behalf of them, I apologize.
Some kids said thanks, some tried to steal my candy bowl out of my hands (no lie). I was giving away two large handfuls of candy to each kid (my hands, not theirs), but for some kids, it wasn't enough.
Still, a few thanked me.
Yup, I was a dog person, but owning cats now, I don't think I can ever go back.

Admin Worm said...

Leab, good post. I'm really sorry things seem to be sucking royal right now.

I love your cats. I love my cats. Cats are one of the things that make me believe in God. My cats have never let me down. They can be a huge pain in the ass but I wouldn't trade either of them for anything in this world.

Regarding people's lack of gratitude, I repeat something I posted as a comment on another blog:

The former editor of my school paper told me he gave a $20 bill to a panhandler on an off-ramp. I told him he's nuts, that the guy would just spend it on drugs or booze. His reply was "I won't be judged for how he uses the money, I'll be judged on whether or not I helped."

Keep giving, Leab. I'll do the same. Even if just one person you help learns the value of gratitude and "pays it forward," to use a nauseating phrase, humanity may just stand a chance.

Regarding your musings about God and whether you should hate him back, Jesus himself got impatient and pissed off. My mom is the most spiritual person I know, and she comes right out and admits that 99% of the time, life just plain sucks and there's no glaring reason for it.

You have friends out here Leab, and speaking for myself I say that if you ever need a hand, and I mean literal physical assistance with anything due to health problems or whatever, all you need to do is ask.

Good luck, Mr. Rollins.

Faith said...

By the way Leab, I'd take it as a compliment to have someone mistake you for Henry Rollins, he is pretty hot.

Emma said...

as a starbucks employee, i am deeply offended at the crude remarks you make about my employer. in fact, i am so hurt and distressed that i may have to go off myself to relieve some of the pain youve caused me.

Leab said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Emma I wrote about has graced us with her presence.
Be afraid.

Meridita said...

: )