Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tech Week

Ok, so it's tech week this week. Add to that the end of the quarter, and I have a lot a work ahead of me. So I won't be posting for the next few days (Unless, by some miracle, I get some time during the day to post...it could happen).
Thanks to everyone who responded to yesterday's posts. Honestly, I'm not angry that someone thought I was Henry Rollins. I was really more angry that the guy wouldn't leave me alone at first. I'm also more confused about it. I mean Rollins is a cool bad ass, and I'm...Leab. It's odd.
I'll leave you with this: Yesterday, I had a few trick or treaters. Most were just bland store-bought costumes, but a few instances were...memorable. I had a pair of 40 (that's 4-0, not 4) year olds in costume that asked for candy. No kids, no little children around them. No, these were adults dressed as Sonny and Cher asking for candy. It was odd.
The absolute best moment, however, was the kid in the Batman suit who attempted to steal my bowl of candy. Seriously. This kid, maybe six years old, grabs the bowl and starts to try and run off. He misjudges how big I am. When the bowl doesn't move, he pulls harder. I said, "Hey! What are you doing? You got your candy." His mother comes running up to me and starts yelling at me for correcting her kid. She asks, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I looked at her and responded, "Trying to keep your kid from stealing my bowl. You want to tell him to stop then?" I thought this woman was going to hit me. "Don't you accuse my son of stealing. How dare you!?" Sigh.
My other favorite moment was a mother who told me I was giving her child, "Too much candy!" That's right: Her daughter was getting TOO MUCH CANDY! On Halloween. Wow.
Two handfuls is too much? Oy.
Otherwise it was fine. No eggs or tp at my house. My neighbors? Not so lucky.
Talk to you when I can.


emma said...

be afraid? sir i do believe i slightly resent that. i would like it to be known that there is nothing even remotely scary about me. furthermore, i am somewhat appaled that you lied to me. i do not appreciate that in the slightest. oh. and p.s. be prepared. the wrath of emma is returning to highland for pure Unadulterated fun.

bt said...

is that our light booth?! b/c i have never actually seen it that clean.

Meridita said...

Miss ya already, Leab! : ) Good luck with ze Busy!

Voix said...

Hang in there baby. I know the feeling.